Institutional betrayal is unfortunately a very common part of a survivor’s story and Rachel’s is no different. She stopped by the Wondery studios in Los Angeles while getting some business in order in California. She now lives on a boat full-time with her two adorable dogs, which is a big part of her story.

During her time in the Air Force she was drugged and raped by a colleague and instead of getting help by the people around her, she got a much more traumatizing reaction instead.

CW: drug-facilitated sexual assault

Meeting Rachel was a pleasure because she is totally #selfcaregoals. After not getting the kind of justice she needed or wanted within the Air Force, she sought to put her own needs and wants first. Now she’s living a free life, healing in the ways that work best for her. That is something very admirable when so many of us feel pressure to follow a certain “right” path.

Some links from the episode:

Rachel went through cognitive behavioral therapy to heal.

Curious about life on a boat? Check out this link about boat houses.

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