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Friendly reminder: While you may think your hot take on Jussie Smollett is necessary, please consider that SURVIVORS ARE WATCHING before you post gleefully about never believing him or that you just *knew* Jussie must have been lying,

The number of straight white and/or straight people I've seen treat this as a trial of JS **from the start** has been disappointing and literally nauseating at points.

Let's try to refrain from publicly and proudly declaring we never believed someone before we even learned any information?

Literally the way people have been talking about this is my personal nightmare. I've read way too many stories of rape victims getting charged with filing a false police report to not tread this lightly.

When I say I am pro-survivor and anti-rape culture, I am saying I try to resist the rhetoric and actions used to dismiss ALL violence survivors.

Because if I act like it's okay to do it in *this* case, I'm implicitly saying that it's okay to do it in *certain* cases. Then everyone thinks the case they care about is the exception. nah.

Even if JS staged the whole thing, the conversations and rhetoric around the event and his victimhood have an impact on current and future survivors. Instead of worrying about getting help, too many post-attack victims wonder "Is this attack believable? Should i bother reporting" which is horrible and NOT the kinda world I want to live in or help perpetuate.

I'm not saying to not comment about it; it's clearly newsworthy. (Also, I am not going to pretend I can tell people what to do). I am just noting that very few people have handled public conversations about JS well and are using arguments that could be used to dismiss abuse survivors like me.

There are ways to have these conversations without making survivors feel they're the enemy.

Originally posted on Facebook here.

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