Note: This page is about previous online campaigns. For my other work click here: my writing and my speaking.


Sample Projects and Campaigns

I love doing campaigns and projects that use digital media to challenge the status quo and shape our culture for the better. Here are some of the projects I am working on now.



#JustSaySorry is the inaugural campaign of the non-profit organization I co-founded named Survivors Eradicating Rape Culture. Launched in fall of 2016, the campaign focuses on demanding universities directly apologize for the harm they caused survivors and the community for failing to properly prevent and address sexual violence. A near-instant success with rousing hearts and minds, the campaign received widespread international media attention. No schools have apologized to date.

Learn more:
Sign the petition demanding Tufts & Harvard to #JustSaySorry:

Vice, How College Rape Survivors are Seeking Justice with Facebook Live
DW, #JustSaySorry: Protesting Rape Culture on College Campuses 


Inspired by the viral hashtag I started in response to an offensive George Will column about sexual assault, #survivorprivilege aims to highlight the often hidden costs of surviving sexual assault.

Rape 101

With men like Donald Trump, Brock Turner, and other (alleged) assailants regularly making headlines, it’s clear that sexual assault in the headlines is here to stay. Over the course of my time as a survivor-activist, I’ve seen the same questions asked repeatedly from advocates seeking the “right” answer or explanation to a common rape myth. Rape 101 will be a project aimed to be a one-stop-shop to answer some of the most burning questions about rape so survivors and activists can just drop a link to a video into a comment thread and move on with their lives.