TEDxMiddlebury: The literal cost of not believing survivors


tedxmiddlebury 2015: caught in the act

I had the pleasure of the opportunity to speak at TEDxMiddlebury in 2015. The event’s theme, Caught in the Act, “aims to spark dialogue or discourse about the the boundaries we create, the spaces we navigate, and how our identities and work play out in the world.” 

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One issue that I find is often missing from the conversation about the impact of sexual violence is the monetary cost. I use my personal experience of surviving campus rape to talk about how survivors are often left to pay the cost of abuse for the rest of their lives.

Talking about systemic problems like sexual violence can seem daunting. That’s why I try to bring some humor into my speaking engagements. While this is serious work, it’s possible to treat anti-rape work with respect while also finding the small bits of light in the darkness to help us keep going.

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Learn more about the economic impact of campus sexual assault in my life—and what it means for other survivors—in “Gender Violence Costs: Schools’ Financial Obligations Under Title IX” by Know Your IX co-founder Dana Bolger in the Yale Law Journal.